The Calvary Chapel School Of Discipleship offers two learning experiences.  You an attend classes in person or you can attend classes online.  The majority of the classes offered are online.  However, each session students will have the ability to choose to attend a selection of in-person classes.  This allows students the flexibility to design a program that works for their lifestyle and schedule.

Online Student Requirements

  1. Classes must be viewed in succession
  2. Student must post all homework assignments by their due date
  3. Student’s who wish to receive credit for graduation must be registered as a Full Time Student¬†
  4. Full Time Students must also complete additional classes in OT / NT Survey, Practical Christian Ministry (serving at their local church) and Church Attendance (attending their home church).
  5. Classes must be completed within the Session dates and all assignments completed in order to qualify for graduation

Become an Adjunct Instructor

If you desire to become an online or in-person instructor with the Calvary Chapel School Of Discipleship, please contact Calvary Chapel San Clemente at (949) 228-9117.  We ask the our instructors meet the following qualifications:


  1. Currently involved as a teaching pastor, instructor or ministry participant at a local Calvary Chapel church or ministry
  2. In-Person instructors that desire to teach at Calvary Chapel San Clemente must be located in Southern California for in-person classes
  3. Online class instructors are not limited by geography
  4. Churches that wish to partner with the Calvary Chapel School of Discipleship can hold classes in their local churches
  5. Classes must follow the standard rules for accredited instruction (A 3 credit hour course meets for 2.5 hours per week for 15 weeks)
  6. Classes for graduation must include 3 hours of content for 15 weeks on an approved Biblical or Ministry related subject to meet the standards of accredited institutions (each 60 minute class is permitted a 10 minute break)
  7. Shorter classes and workshops are accepted on an approved basis but are not available for graduation credit.
  8. Classes will be added to our growing list of online courses at
  9. We provide financial sharing with all course instructors (ideal for missionaries and itinerant ministers)