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This course will be a look at Biblical counseling through the Self Confrontation handbook. The Self-Confrontation manual is a 24-lesson reference, designed to direct you back to the Bible for daily living. Useful for personal growth and discipleship, Self-Confrontation will help you learn how the Bible is sufficient and applicable to produce lasting victory in every circumstance and relationship, no matter how difficult.

Calvary Chapel School of Discipleship – San Clemente

Self-Confrontation – MT320

Instructor – Joe Dyer

Spring Semester – 2022

Sundays 3-5 pm

Course Description

In Matthew 7:3-5 God says to not focus on the “speck that is in your brother’s eye” but to “first take the log out of your own eye and then you will see clearly to take the speck out of your brother’s eye.” The Self-Confrontation course is a study of this and many other life-changing biblical principles. You will find the study to be challenging and also full of encouragement and hope for living victoriously in the power of the Holy Spirit, even through the most difficult trials of life. You can watch a short video about the course and materials (Self-Confrontation Manual and Student Workbook

Some of the topics include:

A. Biblical hope and foundation for change

B. Biblical methodology for change

C. Biblical understanding of self

D. Biblical understanding of anger

E. Biblical view of forgiveness

F. Unbiblical Communication

G. Marriage relationships

H. Parent-child relationships

I. Depression

J. Fear and worry

K. Life-dominating problems

The subtitle of Self-Confrontation is “A Manual for In-Depth Biblical Discipleship,” and has been part of BCF’s core curriculum since the very beginning of the ministry in 1974. Hundreds of thousands of Christians have been encouraged and enriched through this systematic life-application study of God’s Word.  

Course Schedule

First Day of Class                                                       January 30th

Easter Sunday – No Class                                          April 17th      

Last Day of Class                                                       May 15th

Final Exam                                                                 May 22nd

Course Requirements

  • Attendance/Participation – One aspect of grading will be based upon your attendance and participation during classes.  
  • Homework – Each week you will be required to complete the homework from the lesson covered in class. There will also be verse(s) to memorize weekly. There will be a quiz at the beginning of the class on the previous week’s memory verse.

*All homework assignments are due on the designated date; late homework is marked down substantially.

  • Final – We will have a Final Exam at the end of the semester on May 22nd. It will be a review of the material taught throughout the entire semester.


Anyone who plagiarizes (i.e., presents as one’s own work something which has been taken from someone else) may receive an automatic failure on that piece of work and a warning. (Plagiarism can involve the taking of an idea or structure of a written work as well as the actual copying of what is written.) If you use someone else’s material, you must give them proper credit for using their work.  For a first-time offense, the student will receive a 0% grade for the paper with a 1-week grace period to rectify and correct the paper. If such corrections are made on time and to the standards of the course outline the result will be a grade maximum grade of 60%. A second offense of plagiarism will result in failure (“F”) for the final course grade.

Password for all videos is Matt108


Self-Confrontation Manual/Student Workbook Bundle (English blemished) (SPECIAL PRICING*)


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