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Calvary Chapel School of Discipleship
San Clemente, CA
NT377 Syllabus
Spring 2022

Instructor: Erik Tribble | (949) 705-9272 | eriktribble@gmail.com

Course Title: NT77 Daniel & Revelation (3 Credits)

Time and Location: Tuesday 6p-9p; February 1st – May 24th 2022

Required Text: Revelation by Charles Ryrie (Everyday Commentary Series)

Recommended Additional Texts
-Revelation, by John F. Walvoord (The John Walvoord Prophecy Commentaries)
-Daniel, by John F. Walvoord (The John Walvoord Prophecy Commentaries)
-The Rapture Question, by John F. Walvoord

Course Description and Objective
This course will be an overview of the book of Daniel, and a verse-by-verse
study of the book of Revelation. The objective of this class is to gain a thorough
understanding of End Times Prophecy. The student will gain an understanding
of The Chronology of End Time Events including the Rapture of the Church,
the Tribulation Period, the Second Coming of Christ, the Millennial Reign, and
the Eternal State.
The primary goal of the CCSoD as a whole is to grow in your relationship with
Jesus, and to establish a deeper knowledge of Him through the study of His
Course Requirements
There are Three Course Requirements

1 Attendance

Attendance will be taken at the beginning of each class session. Absences may be made up by watching the recording of the class session missed and turn in a copy of your notes.

If you are absent and do not make up the class your absence will be unexcused and will affect your grade. Each unexcused absence will lower your grade by five points, or half a letter grade. (An earned grade of an A will become an A- on account of one unexcused absence.)

2 Weekly Assignment: 80%

Each week there will be assignments given. These assignments are due
following week of class. Please expect to spend 1 1⁄2 hours per week on each

3 Textbook Reading: 20%

Every student is required to read the textbook in its entirety. Keep up in your
textbook with the portions of scripture we are studying in class each week.
Please finish reading the textbook in its entirety before the last day of class.

Course Schedule

  1. February 1 Introduction + Daniel 1-2
  2. February 8 Daniel 7
  3. February 18 (Friday class) Daniel 9 + Revelation 1a
  4. February 22 Revelation 1b
  5. March 1 Revelation 2-3
  6. March 8 The Rapture of the Church
  7. March 15 Revelation 4-5
  8. March 22 Revelation 6-7
  9. March 29 Revelation 8-9
  10. April 5 Revelation 10-11
  11. April 12 Easter Break
  12. April 19 Revelation 12-13a
  13. April 26 Revelation 13b-15
  14. May 3 Revelation 16-17
  15. May 10 Revelation 18-19
  16. May 17 Revelation 20-21
  17. May 24 Revelation 22

Course Content

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