NT359 Galatians / Ephesians

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Instructor:  Erik Tribble                                       

PH: (949) 705-9272

EM: eriktribble@gmail.com                                                                            

Required Text

The Message of Galatians, John Stott

Ephesians, by H.A. Ironside

Recommended Additional Texts

Galatians & Ephesians, by David Guzik

Exploring Ephesians, by John Phillips

Course Description and Objective

This course is a verse-by-verse study of the books of Galatians & Ephesians. The theme of Galatians is the believers’ justification by faith. The theme of Ephesians is the believers’ spiritual wealth in Christ. Our objective is to thoroughly understand these truths and to be grounded in them. The primary goal of this class and the CCSoD as a whole is to grow in your relationship with Jesus, and to establish a deeper knowledge of Him through the study of His Word.

Course Requirements

There are five requirements:

Textbook Reading: 20%

Every student is required to read each of the textbooks in their entirety.

Your weekly assignment is to read the portion of your textbook that was just taught in class that week. There will be a number of reading checks given over the course of the semester. Keep up in your textbook with the portions of scripture we are studying in class each week.

Weekly Bible Reading: 20%

Read through the entire book of Galatians once every week during the time we are studying Galatians in class. Read through the entire book of Ephesians once every week during the time we are studying Ephesians in class. *There will be a reading check taken at the beginning of every class session.

Mid Term Exam: 20%

The Mid-Term exam will cover the book of Galatians. The test will consist of true/ false, and fill in the blank type of questions.

Research/Essay Paper : 20%

Please explain Ephesians 1:3-14. This section of scripture deals with the Spiritual blessings we have received as believers in Christ. Explain and discuss the teaching of these verses; explain what the verses mean and how they apply to our lives.

Also include in you paper one full page on “walking in the Spirit” This subject is found in Galatians 5:16-17.

Quote your textbook along with three other resources (i.e. commentaries, Bible handbooks, dictionaries, etc.). Please use footnotes when quoting resources. Please include a bibliography. (Consult your student handbook for instructions)

The paper should be at least 5 pages long (double spaced, 12pt. font, 1 inch margins).

*Note: late papers will be accepted with a subtraction of 10 points per day.

Final Exam: 20%

The Final exam will cover the book of Ephesians. The test will consist of “true or false”, and “fill in the blank” type of questions.

Course Schedule

 Tuesday:                                                                       Class Topic: 

August 24                                                          Introduction + Galatians 1

September 7                                                       Galatians 2

September 14                                                      Galatians 3

September 21                                                      Galatians 4

September 28                                                      Galatians 5

October 5                                                           Galatians 6

October 12         Mid-Term on Galatians and (Introduction to Ephesians)

October 19                                                         Ephesians 1

October 26                                                         Ephesians 2

November 2                                                       Ephesians 3

November 9                                                       Ephesians 4

November 16                                                      Ephesians + Paper Due

November 23                                                      Thanksgiving Break        

November 30                                                      Ephesians 5

 December 7                                                       Ephesians 6

December 14                                                      Final Exam

Grading Scale

            97-100 A+                      77-79 C+                      

            93-96 A                         73-76 C                        

            90-92 A-                        70-72 C-

            87-89 B+                       67-69 D+

            83-86 B                         63-66 D

            80-82 B-                        60-62 D-

                                                  00-60 F

Note on Plagiarism

Anyone who plagiarizes (i.e., presents as one’s own work something which has been taken from someone else) may receive an automatic failure on that piece of work and a warning. (Plagiarism can involve the taking of an idea or structure of a written work as well as the actual copying of what is written.) If you use someone else’s material, you must give them proper credit for using their work.  For a first-time offense, the student will receive a 0% grade for the paper with a 1-week grace period to rectify and correct the paper. If such corrections are made on time and to the standards of the course outline the result will be a grade maximum grade of 60%. A second offense of plagiarism will result in failure (“F”) for the final course grade.

Course Content

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Galatians / Ephesians MID-TERM