NT355 The Book Of Acts

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Course Description

This course covers the entire book of Acts through expository teaching. Special focus is given to the biblical principles of the early church and how those principles were reflected in their practice. The role of the Holy Spirit in the Acts of the Apostles is also be emphasized. The students are encouraged to use Acts as an example of how to cultivate a Spirit-led and mission-driven relationship with the Lord.

Course Objectives

  • Grow more in love with Jesus Christ, establishing a deeper knowledge of Him and intimacy with Him through the study of His Word.  The primary goal of this class and the CCSoD in general is to grow in your relationship with Jesus. 
  • Gain a complete macro-view of the Book of Acts to know what it says and how it fits into the canon of scripture. 
  • Learn the main principles and doctrines of Acts for believers in Jesus, to be able to better understand and defend your faith against attacks.
  • Wrestle with selected theological issues and form logical, theologically consistent explanations to these issues.

Course Schedule

First Day of Class                                                       August 25th

Midterm Week                                                            October 13th

Thanksgiving – No Class                                           November 24th

Last Day of Class                                                       December 8th

Final Exam                                                                 December 15th

Course Requirements

Homework –

  • There will be a book report due October 13th from the book The Way to Pentecost, by Samuel Chadwick, London, England, Hodder and Stoughton, last published 1969.
  • There will be a book report due November 17th from the book Making God Known: How to Bring Others to Faith, by Pastor Greg Laurie, Dana Point, CA. Kerygma Publishers, 2007. 

*All homework assignments are due on the designated date; there will be NO late homework accepted.

Final Project – We will have a Final Project due the last week of the semester, on December 8th. The paper will be a chapter-by-chapter summary of the book of Acts.

Final Exam – We will have a Final Exam at the end of the semester on December 15th. It will be a review of the material taught throughout the entire class.  


Your grade in this class will be based upon the criteria above.  The percentages are as follows:                                        

            Homework                  = 25%

            Final Project               = 35%

Final                            = 40%

Grading Scale

            97-100 A+                   77-79 C+                     Below 60 F

            93-96 A                       73-76 C                                  

            90-92 A-                     70-72 C-

            87-89 B+                     67-69 D+

            83-86 B                       63-66 D

            80-82 B-                      60-62 D-


Anyone who plagiarizes (i.e., presents as one’s own work something which has been taken from someone else) may receive an automatic failure on that piece of work and a warning. (Plagiarism can involve the taking of an idea or structure of a written work as well as the actual copying of what is written.) For a first-time offense, the student will receive a 0% grade for the paper with a 1-week grace period to rectify and correct the paper. If such corrections are made on time and to the standards of the course outline the result will be a grade maximum grade of 60%. A second offense of plagiarism will result in failure (“F”) for the final course grade.