MT170 Inductive Bible Study

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Course Description

Everyone has heard of the wonderful benefits of studying the Bible, but many have never learned an effective approach to do it. Bible study is more than simply reading the text; studying involves a systematic approach that leads to a much deeper understanding of the text. In this course, the inductive skills needed to arrive at a proper understanding of Scripture will be discussed. In addition, students will be introduced to a variety of study methods that will make time spent in God’s Word more insightful and fruitful.

Course Objectives

  • Grow more in love with Jesus Christ, establishing a deeper knowledge of Him and intimacy with Him through the study of His Word.  The primary goal of this class and the CCSoD as a whole is to grow in your relationship with Jesus. 
  • Learn how to study the Bible on your own and to come up with proper Biblical interpretations for each text you study.
  • Learn the Inductive Bible Study (IBS) method thoroughly so you can use it practically in your life.
  • Learn how to use the IBS to prepare Bible studies to teach others the Word of God.

Course Requirements

Attendance/Participation – One aspect of grading will be based upon your attendance and participation during classes.  If you always come and share a little, you’ll do great!  Everyone is allowed one unexcused absence.

Homework –

  • All students will study the book of James during the semester and will practice the Inductive Bible Study method in James. You will be required to read the entire book of James every week to familiarize yourself more with the epistle, which will aid you through the IBS process.
  • There will be required reading and book report from the book Living by the Book: The Art and Science of Reading the Bible, by Howard G. Hendricks, Moody Publishers, 2007.
  • Other smaller assignments will be given during the course of the semester.

*All homework assignments are due on the designated date; there will be NO late homework accepted.

Midterm – There will be NO Midterm in this class.

IBS Journal – All students will be required to keep a journal of their IBS notes all the way through the book of James.   This journal will be due on the day of the final exam.

Final – We will have a Final Presentation at the end of the semester on June 27th. Every student will organize and teach a Bible study in front of the class, using the Inductive Bible Study method.


Your grade in this class will be based upon the criteria above.  The percentages are as follows:                                        

            Attendance      = 10%                                    

            Homework      = 40%

            IBS Journal     = 20%

            Final                = 30%

Grading Scale

            97-100 A+                   77-79 C+                     Below 60 F

            93-96 A                       73-76 C                                  

            90-92 A-                     70-72 C-

            87-89 B+                     67-69 D+

            83-86 B                       63-66 D

            80-82 B-                      60-62 D-


Anyone who plagiarizes (i.e., presents as one’s own work something which has been taken from someone else) may receive an automatic failure on that piece of work and a warning. (Plagiarism can involve the taking of an idea or structure of a written work as well as the actual copying of what is written.) For a first-time offense, the student will receive a 0% grade for the paper with a 1-week grace period to rectify and correct the paper. If such corrections are made on time and to the standards of the course outline the result will be a grade maximum grade of 60%. A second offense of plagiarism will result in failure (“F”) for the final course grade.