Calvary Chapel School of Discipleship – San Clemente

Church History – TH301

Instructor – Pastor Tom Stowe

Spring Semester – 2022

Wednesdays 6-9 pm

Course Description

A study into the flow of Church History with a deeper look at certain significant events, theology, and people associated with the growth of the Christian church from the apostolic era until the present. Consideration is given to the Church’s doctrine and practice, and how we can learn from past generations of Christians.

Course Schedule

First Day of Class                                                       February 2nd

Easter Week – No Class                                             April 20th      

Last Day of Class                                                       May 18th

Final Exam                                                                 May 25th

Course Requirements

Book Report – Each student will be required to read the book, Church History in Plain Language, by Bruce L. Shelley, (Thomas Nelson Publishers) and write a 2-3 page book report about the contents of the book.

*All homework assignments are due on the designated date; there will be NO late homework accepted.

Project – We will have a Project due at the end of the semester.  The project will be a multi-page timeline showing the most influential people of each period of church history. Each person on the timeline must have an explanation telling what they did and why they were important to the spread of the gospel.

Final Exam – We will have a Final Exam at the end of the semester on May 20th. It will be a review of the material taught throughout the entire semester.  


Your grade in this class will be based upon the criteria above.  The percentages are as follows:                                        

            Book report                 = 25%

            Timeline Project         = 35%

Final                            = 40%

Grading Scale

            97-100 A+                   77-79 C+                     Below 60 F

            93-96 A                       73-76 C                                  

            90-92 A-                     70-72 C-

            87-89 B+                     67-69 D+

            83-86 B                       63-66 D

            80-82 B-                      60-62 D-


Anyone who plagiarizes (i.e., presents as one’s own work something which has been taken from someone else) may receive an automatic failure on that piece of work and a warning. (Plagiarism can involve the taking of an idea or structure of a written work as well as the actual copying of what is written.) If you use someone else’s material, you must give them proper credit for using their work.  For a first-time offense, the student will receive a 0% grade for the paper with a 1-week grace period to rectify and correct the paper. If such corrections are made on time and to the standards of the course outline the result will be a grade maximum grade of 60%. A second offense of plagiarism will result in failure (“F”) for the final course grade.