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You may have heard the word “Gospel” before, and never have known what it really meant. Perhaps you thought it referred merely to the first four books of the New Testament-Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. Maybe you thought it meant “positively true,” because you heard it used in a saying like this: “It’s the gospel truth.”

Actually, the word “gospel” means “good news.” It is the good news about God’s love for us, and the wonderful things He has done for us. Take out your Bible or New Testament, and we will see some of the great things it says about the Gospel.

Before we get into this study, I want to teach you something about studying your Bible. In the front of it, you will see a Table of Contents listing all the various books. Use this to find your way around the Bible until you become familiar with where they all are. Also, you will notice that notation is used something like this: Romans 1:16. It means: The book of Romans, Chapter One, Verse Sixteen. Become familiar with what these notations mean. Finally, pray for understanding whenever you read God’s Word!

O.K. Let’s start in and see what is said about the Gospel. Look up the Bible reference given, then write out the answer in your own words.

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